India is a country with population of nearly 1.2 billion people. The 50% of its GDP is contributed by the Services Sector. Over half of its population is younger than 30 years of age. The people in India are characterized by sharp intellect, balanced in bipolar materialistic and spiritual pursuits, focused and yearning with the quest to understand the unknown. The world is pursuing innovation and deep learning and utilizing emerging technology driven tools and techniques to increase productivity and efficiency.Orgainsations are moving up the value chain. They are not only managing change but also keeping ahead of the change itself and bringing about the change which is throwing challenges for rivals to survive .The traditional straight jacketed knowledge streams have reincarnated themselves into hybrids which are based on pure and applied sciences and interdisciplinary linkages. At the root of it is the confluence of technology, management and life sciences. India has enabling environment and ingredients where all these three components of hybrid knowledge are fertilizing and growing.

The professionals in these emerging domains of knowledge in India are spearheading the organizations, Research centers, Academic institutions, and Policy making foras worldwide and are bringing about the change for the overall betterment of the mankind. Some of the tech driven startups are on on the path of becoming unicorns and are growing at the unprecedented growth trajectory of valuations. There is a churn and flux on various fronts of economies across the world and organizations are managing this inequilibrium by reinventing, restrategising and revitalizing themselves.  Resurgent Human Capital that will have temporal and contextual skills and deep understanding of the multidimensional facets of organization will steer the corporates successfully in new millennium.